Pay The School

To make it easier to send money to school we have introduced payments via A password can be sent direct to your mobile or email address in order to gain access by contacting the school office

Pay for dinner money, trips ,etc here

School Fund

The school fund has been in place for many years. Traditionally, children brought a small amount of money each week to school, and this was used to enrich and enhance the curriculum for the children.

The school still relies on the school fund for activities and materials that make school life more varied and more exciting; subsidizing school trips and extra-curricular activities, as well special days and weeks, such as Super Learning Day or World Arts Week, and visits from people with specialized experience and skills.

An important aspect of the school fund is that it is used to subsidize activities for children who otherwise would be unable to participate – therefore we operate under the principle, 'offer what you can, when you can'.  We hope that as the fund is built up, requests for donations towards special events will decrease.

You can make a donation to the St Cuthbert's School Fund through the school office.

Thank you for your support!

Message from the Headteacher

Dear Friends

The prayer of which Bishop John has always asked us to say is

“Stay with us, Lord, On our Journey”

This is so appropriate for all of us here in St. Cuthbert’s School Community as we embark on our special journey of making the school Outstanding. The prayer is written throughout the school and is a constant reminder and prompt that all that we do in serving this community is done with the help of the Lord.

May we be generous in embracing change and always be sensitive to one another as we take the next step on our Journey together with the Lord.

God Bless,