School News

Sacramental Programme Key Dates

  08 January 2018

Meeting for Children taking part will be held in the Parish Hall at 10am on the following dates 3rd March 2018 10th March 2018 17th March 2018 24th March 2018   First Confessions will take place in church at 10am on the following dates: 14th April 2018 28th April 2018 12th May 2018   Followed by  20th May Pentecost ... First Holy Communion at 2pm

In memory of Gracie McCall

  08 September 2017

A number of staff will be taking part in The Gauntlet Games on Saturday 16th September to raise money for Kidscan in memory of Gracie. Please help us raise as much money as possible for this amazing charity.  Gracie sadly lost her battle with cancer on 16th March 2017. Gracie was and remains a wonderful Ambassador for Kidscan. Please sponsor us by going to Thank you in advance for your support!

Newsletter 8th September 2017

  08 September 2017

School Re-opens 4th September

  26 July 2017

School re-opens on Monday 4th September From September the school gates will open at 08:45 and children will come straight in to school. There will be staff at school entrances to ensure safety and no adults other than school staff should come on to the school corridors. All parents must sign in at the school office if they are to come into the building. Teachers will be in class and children will come straight in for silent reading followed by Registration promptly at 9am. If you need to get a message .....Read More

Important Information

We are currently advertising for a Caretaker post. More details can be found here:


Message from the Headteacher

Dear Friends

The prayer of which Bishop John has always asked us to say is

“Stay with us, Lord, On our Journey”

This is so appropriate for all of us here in St. Cuthbert’s School Community as we embark on our special journey of making the school Outstanding. The prayer is written throughout the school and is a constant reminder and prompt that all that we do in serving this community is done with the help of the Lord.

May we be generous in embracing change and always be sensitive to one another as we take the next step on our Journey together with the Lord.

God Bless,