Hello and welcome to St. Cuthbert's Roman Catholic Primary School

The sentiments expressed in Our Mission Statement clearly state that this is a place where we love, learn and grow joyfully fulfilling our dreams.

The Family of St. Cuthbert’s School is very special and is a place where every child is known, loved and encouraged to be their best.

We are currently in a very exciting time at St. Cuthbert’s where we are in the process of a transitional phase of rediscovering the Outstanding status of St. Cuthbert’s famous history and tradition.

Many changes are currently taking place in St. Cuthbert’s and we hope that all our new aspirations developments and activities will be clearly illustrated on this latest version of our website. Please peruse the following pages which we hope you enjoy and do let us know what you think.

We are confident that all members of our school community, staff, governors parents and carers, Fr. Brendan and the parishioners of St. Cuthbert’s will be able to work together for the benefit of all our children in a spirit of mutual, trust, respect, understanding and love. Our ambition for all our children is for them to be happy, confident, successful and resilient individuals who will grow up to be inspirational and caring adults.

As one of our favourite Spanish songs tells us Digo si Señor, (I say Yes, my Lord) We teach the children to say “Yes” to what ever Our Lord asks of us, no matter what ever the challenge or situation is.

God has given each of us special talents and here at St. Cuthbert’s we strive to provide numerous opportunities for all of us to reach our potential and for our community to be “Inspired To Be Our Best”. This we do relentlessly and always with a St. Cuthbert’s smile!

God Bless

All the Staff at St. Cuthbert's

Message from the Headteacher

Dear Friends

The prayer of which Bishop John has always asked us to say is

“Stay with us, Lord, On our Journey”

This is so appropriate for all of us here in St. Cuthbert’s School Community as we embark on our special journey of making the school Outstanding. The prayer is written throughout the school and is a constant reminder and prompt that all that we do in serving this community is done with the help of the Lord.

May we be generous in embracing change and always be sensitive to one another as we take the next step on our Journey together with the Lord.

God Bless,