Welcome to Year 3/4S!


Welcome to Year 3/4S! The children have settled in well and are learning lots of new things. Please see below to find out all our topics this year, any special dates and what we are learning in each subject.


Your teacher this year will be Miss Sweeney: 

Here's what we are learning next half term:




In Maths, we have been focusing on place value; recognising the value of digits in a 4 digit number, rounding and finding 1000 more or less than any given number. We have recently started our addition and subtraction unit, in which children will be learning to add and subtract 4 digit numbers using formal written methods. We will also be looking at using estimation and inverse operations to check our answers. Next half term, we will be learning about multiplication and division so try to practices your times tables as much as possible.




In English, we have just finished our writing all about Roald Dahls 'The Minpins' and are now focussing on the film Rio to support our topic of The Rainforest. We will be reinforcing the use of expanded noun phrases, smilies and inverted commas to punctuate speech. We will also be practicing using a range of subordinating conjunctions in our writing, such as 'although' 'even though' and 'however'.


Guided Reading sessions will consist of a carousel, where children will work with the teacher once a week to read together and answer questions and draw inference based on what they have read. They will also get time in these lessons to work on their spellings, punctuation and grammar.




In Autumn 1, our science topic is light. Children will be conducting experiments to investigate how light reflects, how mirrors work and why we need light to see.



Our topic at the moment is 'The Rainforest'. We will be learning all about the location of rainforests, their climate and the different layers.




  • Each Thursday is PE, the children must bring the appropriate PE Kit in a labelled PE bag.
  • Each Wednesday, children will be going swimming, and will need an appropriate kit. 
  • In Autumn 1, the year 3 children will access forest school on a Wednesday. They will need an appropriate kit depending on the weather. 
  • Spellings will go home on a Monday and need to be practiced for the Friday Spelling Test 
  • Literacy, Numeracy, Topic or RE Homework will go home on a Friday to be returned the following Tuesday.
  • Reading Records need to be written in each night and shown in class every morning along with both reading books.


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