Welcome to Year 6P!


Spring 2 2019

After a fantastic start to the Spring term we are very excited about what lies ahead for the next half. 

Please see below to find out all of our current topics for Spring 2. Additionally, below, you will also find what topics we will be focusing on throughout the year and any special dates. 

Class Teacher:  Miss Percival:

Here's what we'll be learning next half term:




In the Spring term we will be focusing on  Geometry, Algebra and Ratio. The children will be focusing on consolidating and building upon their previous mathematical knowledge. In class children will practicing their fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills. 


 It is vital that children know their times tables and practice their mental arithmetic.


Here are some more useful websites:


Top marks place value


Top marks addition-and-subtraction


Top Marks times tables


Top Marks multiplication-and-division





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This half term we will be continuing to focus on the fantastic saga of Beowulf. This famous Anglo-Saxon legend is one of the longest ancient poems. Throughout this topic we will be writing a letter to persuade someone to hire a villain or a hero, creating our own comic strips and writing detailed fight scenes between the hero and villain of this saga. The  children will be building upon their reading skills, speaking and listening skills and developing their understanding and use of correct grammar and spelling. 





 In R.E  our topic is Unity and the Eucharist : the children will be focusing on the importance of the Eucharist and being one with God.

Key vocabulary we will be focusing on:  Eucharist, communion, community, unity, friendship, nourish



Key Questions we will be exploring throughout this topic:


What helps friendships to grow? What makes unity between people? What undermines friendship and unity?






For our topic this half term will be continuing to learn about the Anglo Saxons and the Scots. We will be learning all about this historical era and developing out history, Geography, computing, Art and DT skills. We will be doing a range of exciting activities from exploring how the Anglo Saxons changed Britain to building our own clay round houses. 

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In Science we will be continuing to investigate the properties of materials. This will include-Separating Mixtures, irreversible reactions and heating and cooling. We will then be moving on to learning all about the forces in our world. 

Related image Image result for forces





  • The children receive 2 PE sessions per week and they must bring the appropriate PE Kit in a labelled PE bag.
  • Homework will be given out each day ( 1 set of SPAG Questions and 1 set of maths Questions) and one reading comprehension each week. 
  • Spelling homework is to be handed in weekly on a Thursday and the children will receive their spelling test on that day. The spelling blocks are handed out at the start of each half term.
  • Reading Records need to be written in each night and shown in class every morning along with both reading books.
  • In Year 6 children are expected to read on their own and sign it themselves however they should read with an adult at least once a week.
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