We have had a great first day at Kingswood, from indoor climbing to making suits of armour.

Monday 27th November 


Here's what year 6 think:


Demi Leigh 

The rock climbing was an exciting experience I never knew I could climb that high. The food was delicious and I love my bunk bed.



Today was brilliant, I loved the climbing and the lasagne.



I faced my fear of heights today and had a great day with my friends.



I was quite nervous and excited when I first arrived, I didn't know what to expect. I've had lots of fun especially the scrap heap challenge, it was really funny covering Corey in cardboard.



I loved making body armour out of scrap materials, I'm never throwing away cardboard away again you can turn your friend into a robot !


 More comments to follow tomorrow.


Tuesday 28th November

We've started today with bacon, sausages and lots of activities.


Here's what year 6 thought of it:



I really enjoyed laser tag, I was able to play with my friends and it helped me learn to co-operate. Kingswood is great!



Last night was great staying in a room with my friends I had so much fun. I loved breakfast because it had my favourite ingredient.... Bacon! 



I appreciate my mum so much for doing my bedding, last night was a struggle to say the least. Laser tag made me work really hard aend it was fun playing as a team.



Todays been messy, muddy and fun. During the Nightline activity we had to dodge the obstacles blindfolded using a wire to guide us. I had a great time with my buddies! Can't wait for my tea!



I have had a cool day. The laser was the best because I was like a storm trooper. In the high ropes I tried my best and got to the very top and saw ....... a beautiful TESCO!



 Today has been exciting and messy (Lionel Messi). I loved crawling through tunnels filled with muddy water and walking through puddles .



Today was the most amazing experience of my life because I jumped from a great height and jumped in puddles. I will never forget my time here and the lovely food.



I had fun climbing, it was petrifying but I made it to the top of the high ropes. Pyjama parties are the best!



The high ropes was fun but I was nervous at the same time. Problem solving was class. I was lifted up by my friends to get to the top of big obstacles. I loved working as a team with my best mates.



Kingswood is definitely somewhere to conquer your fears. I've had a great time!



I have had a great time so far. I loved getting muddy in NIghtline!


Ellie Murray

I had a lovely time, I really enjoyed the high ropes but it was very scary because I was so high up trying to balance on things. I knew I was in good hands with my friends on the rope.


Yaz (Yasmin)

I really enjoyed this trip because it's been challenging, muddy and sometimes difficult. I loved the campfire because it was warm and the jokes and games were really funny.


Ellie Frith

Kimgswood is so much fun because we can have a good time with our friends in our bedrooms. I loved the Nightline , I mean loved the Nightline I cannot say enough about it. We were blindfolded going through tunnels and we got soaked!!!



The trip has been really good because the people that work here are really friendly and kind to us. They have made the activities lots of fun. I especially enjoyed the problem solving activity because we all got to work together as a team.



I would recommend Kingswood to other schools because it's so much fun. My favourite activity was Nightline because I loved getting wet and muddy!



To begin with it is a challenge but it's a great place to build up your confidence! I loved staying in a room with my friends ache and Matthew because we had lots of fun!


Matthew Su

Kingswood is amazing because they have lots of activities and nice rooms.


Matthew Murphy

Kingswood is so cool and fun. It's also cold and a bit scary because you get to climb very high. I conquered my fear of heights and had a great time.



It's been good, I liked the problem solving because we got to balance ourselves on Massive see saw. The food was great, the only problem was they did not have any apricots.



It was a very good trip, I've learnt lots of new skills like climbing, problem solving and lots of how to be a team player.



It's amazing, we get to push ourselves to the limit and do things we never knew we could do.



It's a great place to go. You also feel safe, you never get hurt. The activities are really fun!



So far it's been fantastic because we've done sports and activities and took part in everything. The best thing is having fun and sleeping in a room with friends.



Kingswood has been challenging because some activities were hard like the high ropes. I still had lots of fun and climbed up to the second part which I didn't think I could do!

Wednesday 29th November


I loved climbing, zip lining and archery, I can't believe we are going.



It was really fun, I've enjoyed archery because it's the first time I've done it and I was very good.



I really like archery and laser because it was really interesting and fun. I'm sad we have to leave but I'm excited to see my mum.



I've had a great time, archery was brilliant because we played mini games and we got to practice our aim. I don't want to go home because I've had so much fun.

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