Autistic Meet Up - Board Games at Fanboy 3

second meet up at Fanboy 3!

Date: Sunday 27th May

Time: 10:00 - 12:00 BST



Fan Boy Three 

25 Hilton Street


M1 1EL

New features:

Traffic Light System for interaction. Green: I want to make friends and join in with you, please come and chat with me! Orange: Please do not approach me unless I have already spoken to you and given you permission. Red: Please do not initiate any interaction with me.

We will have some games set up upon arrival so people can get playing straight away is they want to.

Fanboy 3 is in the city centre and has lots of great board games and other activities to play - we have it exclusively booked for 2 hours, so everyone attending will either be autistic or will be the parent of an autistic person. The shop has two floors, the top floor which has games for sale and a few tables to play, and the downstairs room which has lots of space, tables, and most importantly of all, board games!

We have got a reduced price £2 to come to the session, and for £2 you have access to the board game library, dozens of games we can all play together whilst we get to know each other - there are loads to choose from ranging from children's games to strategical games for adults. The £2 can then be used as a discount if you want to buy anything in store! You can pay the £2 when you arrive on the day. 

You can also bring your own games - I will be bringing Pokémon Monopoly and Beasts of Balance. Feel free to bring Pokémon too if you have them!

This event is for both autistic adults and children, but children MUST be accompanied by an adult.

If you have any questions or want further information, please contact Andy at or the A Spectrum of Possibilities Facebook page:

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