Pastoral Support


St Cuthbert's is a school that feels it's partnership with parents is of the utmost importance and recognises good communication between the school and the home is essential.


Communications are reinforced through the school's open door policy that enables parents to discuss any problems or concerns at an early stage. Mrs Santonastasi the Family Support Worker has established good working relationships with parents and maintained strong home/school links.


Mrs Santonastasi has a number of responsibilities some of these include; Monitoring Attendance and Punctuality, which highlights the need for possible early intervention with positive strategies to help parents improve attendance and punctuality, managing behaviours and development, supporting the implementation of the Early Help and family support. Mrs Santonastasi aims to encourage maximum achievement and happiness during your child's life at school and recognises the need to support each other.


You can contact Mrs Santonastasi directly on 0161 445 1782.

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