Welcome to Year 1/2J!


Summer 1 2019

Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely Easter break with your families.

Children have been working really hard on their skills and ended the second term with great success!

Please see below to find out all of our topics this term, any special dates and what we are learning in each subject.

Class Teacher: Miss Jaworska



This half term we will again have a focus on information texts and will use our knowledge from last term to write a brochure about The United Kingdom. We will be reinforcing the use of capital letters, full stops, finger spaces as well as using our phonics knowledge in our writing. Our focus will be on developing the use of various contractions and conjunctions like ‘and’, ‘because’,’ but’, ‘if’ or ‘so’. This half term we will look at some Julia Donaldson texts such as ‘The Gruffalo’ and practice our writing skills based on her stories. This term we will also begin looking at poetry and create some poetry linking to our topic of the Arctic.

In our guided reading sessions we will be continuing using our carousel set up whereby the children will read with the teacher once a week and answer questions and draw inferences based on what they have read. The children will also practice their spelling, punctuation and grammar in this time and get the opportunity to explore different text types.



This half term we will be looking at multiplication and division for the first time and will work on counting our 2s, 5s and 10s. We will also use these times tables to help us see groups and patterns and start using formal written methods of our times tables. We also will end the half term by looking at time and using an analogue and digital clock to show different times.



Topic- Let's go to the Arctic

This half term our topic is ‘Lets go to the Arctic’ where we will develop our geographical skills like locating the UK on an atlas and a globe, to identify hot and cold countries in relation to the equator on a world map and to recognise differences and similarities between different countries and capital cities of The United Kingdom and the Arctic. Children will also use their knowledge of compass points and directional language to help them locate surrounding seas of different counties. Children will also use their art skills to create an arctic scene using different textures and prints.



In our Religion lessons this half term, we will be learning about 'Change'. We will explore how over the year things in gods world change and adapt.We will also recap on the topic of lent and Easter and how it is an important time during the Christian calendar. We will also look at how holidays and holy days and focus on The Pentecost story and how the parish family come together to celebrate.



In Science we will be continuing out topic of materials. We will identify and name a variety of everyday materials including wool, glass, paper, rock and cardboard. We will also identify and compare the suitability of a variety of materials for particular uses, investigate a problem and record our findings using statistics. 



Dates for your diaries.....

School reopens- 23rd April

23rd April- St George's Day


8th May- 1G class assembly

24th May- British values day

24th May- School closes until 10th June

Please see below some of the things your children will be learning this year.



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Growth Mindset

Show co-operation

Stay curious

Make it better

Be resilient

challenge yourself

Always be creative


All about me


Our World

Toys past and present

Let’s go to the arctic

Great explorers

PSHE Focus

Eat Healthy

Stay Safe

Keep Fit

Real life experience

Local area walk

Visitor / parents to visit to explain how area has changed - pictures

Autumn walk in park/school grounds

Den building in the forest for the three little pigs

Winter walk in park/grounds

Trip to a castle (entry point)

Parents – celebration of work on castle. Information displays.

Church visit

Members of the community to visit- Fr Curly

Delamere Forest Park

GM – celebration of work

Growing plants

Spring walk

Poetry day


Exit point – linked to great explorers book – camp fire in forest school


Events and Celebrations

Angel day

Event: Anti Bullying Week: (


Event: Safer Internet day:


Event: World book day

Whole school: Everybody Writes 5th  March

Event: KS1 Poetry Workshop

Event: St George’s Day

Event: Celebrating


Everybody Writes: week beginning 11th June

Religious Education





Local  church, Community and Other religions






Universal church -world


Goldilocks and the three bears

Instructions -  How to stay healthy

Shark in the park

The lighthouse keeper’s lunch

George and the dragon


Information text – castles

Castle book (Bernadette)

Giraffes can’t dance

Jack and the beanstalk

Instructions – How to grow a magical beanstalk



Information text  - fact file

Where’s my teddy?

Performance Poetry

EBW – Three little pigs

Information text on polar animals

Ice and snow based poetry

The gruffalo

Instructions – how to be a great explorer

Man on the moon

The great explorer



Numbers to 10

Number bonds

Addition within 10

Subtraction within 10


Shapes and patterns (2)

Ordinal numbers (1)

Numbers to 20 (2)


Addition and subtraction to 20 (2)

Length (1)

Mass (1)


Picture graphs (1)

Numbers to 40 (4)

Mental calculations (2)


Multiplication (2)

Division (1)

Time (1)


Numbers to  100 (3)

Money (2)




Animals including humans






Geo: All about me

Dt: Dips and dippers

History: Castles


Art: portraits

Geography: Our World


History: toys past and present

DT: masks

GEO: let’s go the arctic


Art: collage:  arctic scene

History: Significant people

Art: water colours linked to Northern lights (Great explorer)

Physical Education

Outdoor games


Outdoor games


Outdoor games


Outdoor games


Outdoor games








Your childs learning and development in Key Stage 1 relies on your support at home. 


  • Your child was given a pack with all of this half term's homework in the first week. The children are able to choose which activity they wish to complete each week from their homework board and we ask that this homework is handed in on a Friday morning. If you need any copies of this pack please see below.
  • In the summer term, we have purchased CGP Reading books for all of our year twos. We will set one activity a week, which we will ask to be handed in on a Friday. The children will mark their homework on a Friday afternoon and the books will be returned on Monday to complete the next homework task.
  • Spelling lists will be given out half termly and the children will be tested on a Friday. By the end of KS1 all children must be able to read and spell over 200 high frequency words, so practice at home is vital. 
  • We kindly ask that you spend 5 minutes a day reading at home with your child. Frequent, short reading practice will hugely benefit your child's ability to decode words at speed. We encourage you to discuss settings, characters, character's feelings and their predictions. This will prepare your child for the reading SATs at the end of Year 2. If you read with your child every night, please sign their reading record, this means your child will be able to win pennies to spend in our shop every Friday!


A few helpful reminders...


  • We ask that your child has their P.E. kit in school all week. Our scheduled day for P.E. is Monday and Thursday, however, this can change at a moments notice so all children must have a P.E. kit readily available.  
  • We encourage drinking plenty of water throughout the school day so we ask that you provide your child with a named water bottle for those thirsty moments


Click on the links below for this term homework:

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