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Autumn 1 2019

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a lovely summer and a well deserved rest with your family and friends. The children have settled into their new class really well and are ready to have a fun filled year exploring new topics and learning lots of new things!

Please see below to find out all of our topics this term, any special dates and what we are learning in each subject.

                                                                              Class teacher: Miss Griffiths                                                                             


This term we will be exploring many different texts and genres such as 'Pirates Next door', 'Bog Baby' and Disney's 'Inside out'. We will be learning to sequence and write simple narratives as well as drafting and editing our own information text on habitats. We will be focusing on using capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and applying our phonics in our writing over the next few weeks.  We will then focus on developing the use of adjectives and various conjunctions like ‘and’, ‘because’,’ but’ and ‘so’ to make our writing exciting and interesting for the reader!

In our guided reading sessions we will be continuing using our carousel activities whereby the children will read with the teacher once a week, answer questions and draw inferences based on what they have read. The children will also practice their spelling, punctuation and grammar in this time and get the opportunity to explore different text types. This half term we will be focusing on the children's ability to 'predict' and 'retrieve' information when answering questions about a text. 



This half term we will be focusing on place value and numbers up to 10. We will begin by looking at grouping objects in different ways to make 10 and linking this with number bonds. The children will then be learning about odd and even numbers and one more and one less than a number up to 10. One of our focuses will be securing the children's knowledge on reading and writing numbers in numerals and words. Each  day we will be practicing our counting skills forwards and backwards up to 100 using a number square to support. 


Topic- Buried Treasure

This half term our topic is ‘Buried Treasure’, where we will develop our geographical skills in and around school by learning to create our own map and key of St Cuthbert's Primary School. We will develop our knowledge of compass points and directional language in order to find the treasure and give accurate directions to our partners. We will compare the different land uses in Withington and Manchester, record the basic human and physical features and use aerial photographs to identify landmarks. 



In our Religion lessons this half term, we will be learning about 'Beginnings'. We will be exploring Gods Creation story and what wonderful things we have in our world! Our focus will be that each day is a new start and a fresh chance to start again. 



In Science we will be learning all about different habitats and exploring where we would find these. We will be learning to identify and name a variety of different plants and animals in their habitats and even explore some around our local area. We will then look closely at why certain animals are suited to their habitat and what features they have which enable them to survive there. 




Special dates....

School reopens- 4th September




Your child's learning and development in Key Stage 1 relies on your support at home. 


  • Your child will be given a learning log at the start of the year with this half term's homework board at the front. The children are able to choose which activity they wish to complete each week from their homework board and we ask that this is completed in their learning log and brought back to school on a Friday morning. The children will have chance to share their home learning with their peers on Friday afternoons.

  • Spelling lists will be given out half termly and the children will be tested on a Friday. By the end of KS1 all children must be able to read and spell over 200 high frequency words, so practice at home is vital. 

  • We kindly ask that you spend 5 minutes a day reading at home with your child. Frequent, short reading practice will hugely benefit your child's ability to decode words at speed. We encourage you to discuss settings, characters, character's feelings and their predictions. This will prepare your child for the reading SATs at the end of Year 2. If you read with your child every night, please sign their reading record, this means your child will be able to win pennies to spend in our shop every Friday!


A few helpful reminders...


  • We ask that your child has their P.E. kit in school all week. Our scheduled day for P.E. is Tuesday and Thursday, however, this can change at a moments notice so all children must have a P.E. kit readily available.  
  • We encourage drinking plenty of water throughout the school day so we ask that you provide your child with a named water bottle for those thirsty moments.


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