Welcome to Year 1/2G!

Teacher: Miss Griffiths


Autumn 1 2020

Welcome back Year 1/2, I hope that you and your families have had a lovely summer and enjoyed your break from school! The teachers have all missed you very much and found it very strange not being in school for the end of the last school year and we are all looking forward to seeing every single one of you! 


I am really looking forward to you all being back in school as we continue to love, learn and grow together. As I have been lucky enough to teach some of you before, I am really looking forward to seeing you continue to progress and grow throughout this year. For those of you who I have not taught before, I really hope you enjoy being part of the class and I am looking forward to getting to know you and your unique qualities! We are going to have a fantastic year!


Due to not having your normal transition day and not getting to visit your new classroom I have taken some photos of your new classroom below.. It's much bigger than last year and it's looking great! Hope you all like it!


Welcome video from Miss Griffiths:  



On this class page you will be able to find information regarding the children's learning throughout the Autumn 1 half-term.

At the bottom of this page I have attached this years topic overview, spelling sheets and homework along with some useful links to help you with your learning.



To begin our Literacy learning this half-term, we will be focusing on a picture book by Sarah Roberts called ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’. The thought-provoking picture book charts the eventful journey made by Stanley, a discarded plastic carrier bag, who is swept into the sea. As he drifts through the ocean waves, he is mistaken for a jellyfish and swallowed by a series of unsuspecting animals. We are going to be writing a letter to the author and asking her all about her job and asking questions that we have from the book, to do this we will be learning about the features of a letter and working on our question sentences. We will also spend this time recapping some of our learning from previous year groups and consolidating the range of skills that you already have. 


For our Guided Reading sessions we will be continuing with our carousel lessons and be working on building our guided reading skills as well as developing our answers to questions. We will also continue with phonics sessions and recap on Phase 5 and 6 sounds and tricky words. 




Our first topic this year in Maths is 'Place Value', during this unit we will be recapping on our counting forwards and backwards to 100 and developing our counting in multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s as well as learning how to count in 3s. We will also learn methods to aid us in counting from different numbers other than 0. Using previous knowledge of base 10, number lines and a part whole model we will have a go at representing numbers up to 100. This term we will also learn how to use a place value chart and understand how it can help us in addition and subtraction. Each week My Maths online will be updated with supporting Maths tasks for the children to complete which will be beneficial to their learning and catch up from the past year.




Our topic for Autumn 1 is ‘All about me’ and we will be focusing on the local area of Withington. During our topic lessons we will be discussing what human and physical features are and spotting them around school and during a walk around Withington. We will use mapping to help guide us on our walk and will make our own map of the school, as well as using positional language to describe our route. During topic lessons we will become more aware of our surroundings and notice features of our town and changes that are happening. We will also track weather changes in our village throughout a week and create a graph to represent this.




In Science our topic will be ‘Animals including humans’ during this topic we will remind ourselves what an omnivore, herbivore and carnivore is and will learn how to group animals in different ways. We will also look at the basic structure of some common animals. We will learn all about the different parts of the human body and start to associate different parts of the body with a sense. To support our Topic learning we will learn about the four seasons and what weather patterns are typical of each season, as well at looking at how and why day length varies throughout the year. 




We are starting this year with the topic ‘Families’ where we will discuss how important our families are. We will think of families as units where we feel safe and learn about other families in our lives such as our school community and friends. We will talk about the importance of sharing love between all of our different families and how it is we show this love. We will compare our love for our families to the love Jesus felt for his family and the love that we all share in God’s family.

Please click below to view our topics throughout the year.

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