Year 4 - St Martin de Porres

Welcome to Year 4!

Class teacher: Miss Sweeney. 

Welcome back Year 4! I hope you all had a well-deserved rest over the Christmas break and that you managed to spend some quality time with your family. I am looking forward to another great term with you all and I am sure that there will be some amazing learning happening throughout Spring 1.

On this class page, you will be able to find information about our learning for the Spring 1 half-term and also see in advance some of the objectives that we will be working towards. At the bottom of the page, I have attached the homework and spelling sheets for this half-term and also some useful links which will help you with your learning.

Tuesday 5th January 2020


Hello, Year 4! As we can't all be together in class today, I have uploaded some activities for you to have a go at throughout the day. You could also log on to familiar websites such as TT Rockstars, Reading Eggs and Purple Mash which are full of activities to help you with your learning. From tomorrow, our learning will be on Seesaw and I will try to make the lessons as normal as possible. By using Seesaw, it will make it much easier for you to share the learning that you are doing at home and easier for me to respond and give feedback. Please remember Year 4 that this won't be forever and as long as you are trying your best then you are doing enough. If you have any problems, then please email me at and I will try to answer any questions or solve any problems. 

Seesaw Tips

The links show students how to use seesaw in both app and browser.


How to use the Seesaw app for students


How to use Seesaw in browsers for students

Timetable for remote learning 

All learning will be uploaded to Seesaw, following the timetable below.

Activity Monday Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday Friday 



Maths Maths Maths Maths Maths



English  English English English


3 Topic Science RE  PSHE

Topic (Week 1)

RE (Week 2)


We had so much fun creating this Christmas video and we would love for you to watch it! Just follow the link below and sing-a-long if you know the words!

Homework-  Learning logs and spellings will be given out on a Thursday and brought in to school, after completion, on a Monday where we will have a class walk around to praise and share the good work completed at home. 

These books will be given back the following Thursday to be taken home to complete. Spelling lists will be given out half termly and the children will be tested on a Friday.


Reading- Reading books will be chosen from our accelerated reader scheme and will also go home on a Thursday and brought in on a Monday. If the book has not been completed in this time then the book can be kept at home until the following Monday to bring in then. The children will take their online quizzes and choose a new book to take home on the Thursday. 


PE - PE will be on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Children are to come to school in their PE kits for our PE lesson and they will stay in their kit all day.

Swimming -  Swimming will be on a Wednesday afternoon. They will need to bring in their swimming kit which should consist of a suitable swimming costume/trunks and a towel. Please make sure that the children come in appropriate clothing and shoes for the weather conditions.



To begin our English learning this half-term, we will be focusing on the classic story by Roald Dahl – The Twits. The Twits was first published in 1980 and yet it still manages to make us laugh! We will be reading the story throughout the half-term to find out about the horrific Mr and Mrs Twit and discover all the ridiculous pranks on each other. We will be working towards creating a newspaper report all about some of the events in the story and we will be learning to include fronted adverbials and direct speech to add detail to our writing. Towards the end of the half-term we will write a set of instructions for our own Worm Spaghetti and creating some poetry all about Mr Twit’s beard.


For our Guided Reading sessions, we will be focusing on applying our growing knowledge of root words, prefixes and suffixes, both to read aloud and to understand the meaning of new words that we discover. We will also be reading further exception words, noting the unusual correspondences between spelling and sound, and where these occur in the word. An important focus of our sessions will be checking that the text makes sense and discussing our understanding and explaining the meaning of words in context. Over the Christmas holidays, try to spend some time reading different styles of texts and practising your word reading and comprehension ready for September.



For our Maths topic this half-term we will be continuing Multiplication and Division. We have started to learn formal written methods for long and short multiplication with up to 3 digits which we will continue to practice when we return to school. Later in the half term, we will be focusing on division and discovering methods and tools which can help us with division with larger numbers. Throughout the topic, we will be learning how to use the methods we are using in context and to solve real life problems.

Throughout the year, we will also be working on our times table knowledge and by the end of Year 4 pupils are expected to know all their tables from the 2s – 12s. In preparation for this, it would be helpful to practice as much as possible at home and play on TT Rockstars.



This half-term our Topic will be The UK and Rivers with a Geography focus. We will be learning to name and locate geographical regions of the UK and their identifying physical and human characteristics, including some cities and some topographical features including hills, mountains and rivers. We will also be using globes, maps, digital/computer mapping (Google Earth) to name geographical regions and see land patterns. When we focus on rivers, we will be discussing our local rivers and how pollution is affecting them. We will be acting as global citizens and going on a litter pick of our local area and we will be attempting create a pointillist paintings like the images created by Seurat.



Our Science topic for this half-term is Animals including Humans. We will be learning to explain how living things obtain food and why animals including humans need the right type of nutrients. As well as this, we will be comparing and grouping animals by their diet and attempting to sort animals based on their skeletons and identify and name the bones in our skeleton. At the very end other topic, we will be conducting an investigation to understand why we need muscles to move.




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