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Hello everyone, it's strange not welcoming you all back after the holidays, we miss you all very much you are doing a great job staying at home with your loved ones and keeping safe.  I hope you've all been enjoying the fabulous weather and keeping your minds and bodies healthy, I've been doing lots of Just Dance to keep fit as well as Cosmic yoga discos, I hope you have too.  I hope to see you soon, in the meantime keep being your amazing selves, stay positive and keep learning, I can't wait to see what knowledge and skills you have picked up during your time at home.



Message for parents/carers


Thank you so much for all your efforts during the past few months with all the children's home learning. It is really appreciated and it is important that the children enjoy this time while maintaining some sort of structure. We understand that home learning can be challenging but be assured that any help you give them will be positive and will benefit their learning. As we move into summer term, there are some really useful websites which will help with structuring their learning and ensuring that they are completing age-appropriate tasks. 

I hope you have been finding the new weekly lesson updates on your class page helpful.  I would also like to draw your attention to the Forest School section of the website where you will find some fantastic activities from our forest school teachers Freya and Jane. The children absolutely loved their Forest School experience so I am sure they will enjoy completing some of the activities that have been added.


This first link has daily lessons for Maths, English and a variation of History, Geography and Science. 

You start by clicking  'Start a Lesson' , then select Year 3. 

The lessons are dated and titled with the topic of learning E.g. 21 April: Maths - fractions.

Each lesson has some videos to help teach the children and some activities for them to answer.


This second link also has daily lessons for Maths, English and Foundation subjects.

The lessons are taught in a sequence so it is beneficial to begin on Monday's lesson, as the following lessons may refer to the subjects taught previously.  E.g. 


English Monday - Newspaper: Reading Comprehension- Fact Retrieval

English Tuesday -  Newspaper: Reading Comprehension- Fact Retrieval

English Wednesday -   Newspaper: Identifying features of a text

English Thursday -   Newspaper: Using direct speech to write quotes

 English Friday -    Newspaper: Writing a newspaper report


One way you can use the website is to select 'Online Classroom' then select ' Schedule' and then 'Year 3' or 'Year 4'. 

You should see Monday to Friday and they are scheduled with 3 lessons per day.

I recommend starting on Monday and working your way through. 

There are several teaching videos on each subject and once you when you have watched one video, select 'Next activity'.


Home learning from Monday 15th June 

Over the next half term, I will be uploading weekly lessons at the start of each week for your children to complete. This will include a selection of Maths, English, PSHE, Spellings and either a Science, Topic or RE lesson. The activities are to be completed throughout the week and I have included a suggested timetable for you to follow, to ensure this is both manageable and also structured. Lessons may include PowerPoints , worksheets (with answers) when necessary, videos and anything else I feel will help you.


Day of the week Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  Friday 
Morning Maths lesson 1 Maths lesson 2  English lesson 2  Maths lesson 3 

MyMaths/Purple Mash


Afternoon English lesson 1



Science/Topic/RE Spellings English lesson 3



Our physical and mental well-being is the most important thing at the moment so please remember to look after yourselves and try to exercise everyday. There are a selection of links to youtube and other websites which have some excellent activities you can try for your well-being.


Weekly tasks have been set on MyMaths and Purple Mash.



English Activities

Week commencing 6th July 


For this week’s English lessons, we will be moving on from Fantastic Mr Fox and will now be focussing on a short video clip about a man floating through the sky. Below is a link for you to watch the video as well as 3 different activities. Lesson 1 will focus on your predication skills. We don’t know much about the man, where he came from and what adventures lie ahead, so there are lots of questions on the worksheet to get your imagination flowing. Lesson 2 will focus more in depth on the character in the video clip. You will begin by using expanded noun phrases to describe the character, putting these into full sentences and eventually using them in a character description of the man. Lesson 3 will focus on the setting of the video clip. The worksheet has instructions in each box and will focus on using each of the senses to describe the setting the man is in. Lesson 3 also includes an extension activity where you can use the word bank provided to write a setting description. Don’t forget to send any completed work to the admin email address – I would love to see some of the fantastic writing you have been doing at home!


Maths activities

week commencing 6th July

Lesson 1 - Measure mass

Lesson 2 - Compare mass


Lesson 3 - Add and subtract mass

Flash back challenge

Science activities

week commencing 6th July

Humans affect the environment in positive and negative ways.

Cutting down trees and littering have a negative effect on animals and plants.

Protecting endangered species and cleaning lakes and seas has a positive effect on the environment.

At home you can help the planet by recycling waste and growing plants or vegetables.


Use the websites, quizzes and games to research human impact on the environment and the Circular Economy.

Think of one or two reasonable and achievable ways in which you can help the planet and present your ideas in a poster, video presentation, speech, leaflet or any other way to show how you are going to achieve your aim.  Don't forget to send in your fantastic ideas! 

Weekly spellings activities

15th June - 17th July

Please use the attached word searches for your spellings lessons over the next 5 weeks.  You will focus on 2 a week and will have a related activity to complete each week, details listed below.  There is also an answer sheet for each word search. 

Week commencing 15th June - word search 1 and 2 

Complete both word searches and choose 5 words from each to include in a sentence.  If you want to challenge yourself  further you could write a sentence for each of the 20 words.

Week commencing 22nd June - word search 3 and 4

Complete both word searches and create a list of synonyms (words with the same or similar meaning) for each word.

Week commencing 29th June - word search 5 and 6

Complete both word searches and create a list of antonyms (words with the opposite meaning) for each word.

Week commencing 6th July - word search 7 and 8

Complete each word search and use bubble writing to draw each word and colour them in as brightly as you can. 

Week commencing 13th July - word search 9 and 10

Complete each word search and use natural objects to spell the words outside such as stones, sticks, chalk, water, mud etc. You could make your own mud paint and use that by simply mixing some mud and water!

PSHE/Mindfulness activities

week commencing 6th July


Seasons tree project - Page 5, day 4


This project is inspired by the changing seasons. We are all experiencing a lot of change now during the coronavirus pandemic. This Seasons Tree project can offer you and your child some creative respite, and a gentle way to think together about the theme of change. As the adult supporting your child, the aim of the project is for you to encourage them to create something they want to make. By supporting them on their artistic journey we hope that you can celebrate their creativity together.


For this project, you will need:

leaves, sticks, flowers, petals. magazines, newspaper, cardboard packaging, toilet roll tubes, paper. paint, coloured pens or pencils, glue, scissors or sellotape.

PSHE seasons tree instructions

Yoga Activities.

Use the yoga resources to practice different yoga poses.  Aim to hold each pose for at least 10 seconds making sure you are breathing steadily and counting slowly.  Once you get used to some of the poses you may be able to hold them for longer. 

Yoga improves flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and motor skills.  It also helps children to recognise  and honour their emotions, learning to trust their instincts.

Yoga promotes breathing techniques that increase energy and decrease anxiety providing effective coping strategies for stress.

Additional activities and resources
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