Welcome to Year 3/4D!





Hello everyone,  welcome back after half term.  I hope you all enjoyed a well deserved break and some quality time at home.  I hope you are as excited as I am for our second half term, we have lots of exciting learning planned for you and I can't wait to get started.   You have all settled back into school so well and have really grown in confidence which is fantastic to see, keep up the good work, challenge yourselves, always do your best and lets have some fun along the way!



Message for parents/carers


Thank you so much for all your continued efforts with children's home learning, especially reading, spellings and times tables it has been very appreciated and will help with your child's learning in school. 


PE this half term will be on a Monday and Friday, children will also be participating in Forest school sessions each Wednesday for 5 weeks with the last session being on 2nd December so please ensure they are dressed appropriately for the outdoors.  Children can be provided with waterproofs but will need waterproof footwear/wellies on rainy days or a change of socks and shoes.  All PE will be outdoors, please ensure children are wearing the correct PE uniform in school colours navy and white.


For this half term children will be focussing on mastering their 3,4 and 8 times tables  as these are their year 3 targets.  TT rockstars will really help with this and children can win prizes and house points for most games played.


  They will also move onto the accelerated reader programme and will have books targeted to their level based on reading comprehension assessment.  Each time a child finishes a book they will take a comprehension quiz which will track their reading progress alongside other assessment tools used in school. 


This page will be updated each half term so that you can see what your child will be learning at each stage of the school year.


Please remember to read with your child every evening and sign their reading record as this is such an important part of their learning.  Try and discuss the text to ensure understanding and improve vocabulary.


Each child should be secure with their 2, 5 and 10 times tables by now, if not, please practice at home.  Each week your child will be assessed on a new times table until the reach 12 times tables, they will know what level they are on each week.  For the first 2 weeks back we will only be practicing 3,4 and 8 times tables as this will help support our next maths topic which is multiplication and division. These will be tested on a Friday along with spellings.








To begin our English learning this half-term, we will be focusing on a picture book by Satoshi Kitamura called ‘The Stone Age Boy’’. The history focused picture book tells the story of a little boy who is walking along when he trips, stumbles and falls ... into the Stone Age! He meets a girl his own age and her tribe, and learns all about their way of life. We will be working towards creating our own versions of the story for our final piece of writing. We will also be learning to write in the first person and we will be creating non-fiction pieces to support our learning. We will continue to spend time recapping some of our learning from previous year groups and consolidating the range of skills that you already have.


For our Guided Reading sessions, we will be focusing on applying our growing knowledge of root words, prefixes and suffixes, both to read aloud and to understand the meaning of new words that we discover. We will also be reading further exception words, noting the unusual correspondences between spelling and sound, and where these occur in the word. An important focus of our sessions will be checking that the text makes sense and discussing our understanding and explaining the meaning of words in context. Over the summer holidays, try to spend some time reading different styles of texts and practising your word reading and comprehension ready for September.




To start this half term we will be consolidating our addition and subtraction knowledge solving increasingly complex calculations using a range of methods.  Most children in class prefer the column method and we have worked up to adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers, crossing 10 and 100 and exchanging where necessary in order to subtract!  We will then move on to multiplication and division.  We will look at groups of objects, sharing and use of times table knowledge to work out calculations, the focus will be on 3,4 and 8 times tables and their inverse division calculations.  Children will continue to have a weekly times tables test and we will also be introducing a weekly arithmetic test for children to apply the skills they have learnt in their lessons.



This half-term our Topic will be The Stone Age with a History focus. The Stone Age was a broad prehistoric period during which stone was widely used to make tools with an edge, a point, or a percussion surface. Throughout this topic, we will be learning to use a timeline to place events, use a range of vocabulary to describe the passing of time, answer and devise our own historically valid questions and use a source to find information about the past. We will also be doing some exciting activities such as creating cave paintings, making bow and arrows in our forest, stewing forest fruits and making donations to a local food bank.



Our Science topic for this half-term is Light. We will learn to recognise that we need light in order to see things and that dark is the absence of light by taking part in a ‘feely bag’ investigation. We will also discover that light is reflected from surfaces by choosing the most reflective material for a new book bag that we will design. We will also be creating a pair of sunglasses or a sun hat which are both stylish and able to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.



This half term our RE topic is focussed on Advent and Christmas with the theme of Love and visitors.  We will be looking at the significance of symbols during advent and creating our own symbols for different biblical stories that lead up to the birth of Jesus as well as a class advent wreath with our advent promises.  We will look at different interpretations of our lady around the world and discuss which image we identify with and why.  Learning about the joyful mysteries will come next with a focus on the relationship between Mary and Elizabeth after they were both visited by the angel Gabriel with the good news that they would soon have a baby. We will then focus more on how we can prepare during advent and recap the nativity stories, the wise men and shepherds visit and Mary and Josephs famous journey.


Home Learning


Please continue with the fabulous work in your learning logs this half term's homework board has been given out. The children are able to choose one activity they wish to complete each week from their homework board and we ask that this is completed in their learning log and brought back to school on a Monday morning. The children will have chance to share their home learning with their peers on Thursday afternoons before the books are sent home. 

Spelling lists will be given out half termly and the children will be tested on a Friday.


Yoga Activities.

Use the yoga resources to practice different yoga poses.  Aim to hold each pose for at least 10 seconds making sure you are breathing steadily and counting slowly.  Once you get used to some of the poses you may be able to hold them for longer. 

Yoga improves flexibility, strength, balance, coordination and motor skills.  It also helps children to recognise  and honour their emotions, learning to trust their instincts.

Yoga promotes breathing techniques that increase energy and decrease anxiety providing effective coping strategies for stress.

Additional activities and resources
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