Welcome to Year 3D!





Welcome to your 2nd term in year 3.  We now know the routines and expectations of year 3 and have all gained so much independence already.  We will continue to work on independence and routine this half term in preparation for the rest of the year.  We are still focusing on times tables with TT Rockstars being a big hit, all children have also been given a paper copy of the times tables to 12 to practice.  Please continue reading at home every night, lots of children have now taken accelerated reader quizzes and we are getting used to the new system.  As well as homework please work with your child at home on adding and subtracting money and understanding the cost of items and change.  Help your child with learning to tie their laces and tell the time as these life skills are vital and will help with independence at school and home.


Here's what we will be learning during this half term:




In Maths, we will continue with multiplication and division.  The focus will be on 3,4 and 8 times tables and division facts.  We will be using lots of concrete and pictorial support to really develop our understanding of number.  We will also spend time on the language of word problems, creating our own and understanding how to work out what mathematical operation is required in a given challenge in order to solve a problem.  We will work on short multiplication using the column method, dividing using groups and place value charts as well as scaling and comparing statements.  We will then be looking at money, adding pounds and pence, converting pounds to pence and vice versa as well as subtracting amounts and giving change.  Finally, we will be learning about statistics with a focus on tables, pictograms and bar charts. 



For this half term we will be using The Kapok Tree which is set in a Brazilian Rainforest to link in with our topic work.  We will be focusing on spellings and comprehension as well as prediction and inference skills.  We will also look at our global responsibility to protect our environment and debate or conscious alley some characters thoughts and feelings.  We will rewrite the main story using what we have learnt




In Spring 1, our Science topic will be Electricity. Throughout the topic, we will be identifying common appliances that run on electricity and constructing a simple series electrical circuit, identifying and naming its basic parts, including cells, wires, bulbs, switches and buzzers. We will be using our own prior knowledge to build on recognising some common conductors and insulators, and associate metals with being good conductors. Throughout our Science topic we will be planning and completing a range of experiments that will help to develop our ability to work scientifically.



Our topic for this half term will be the Rainforest. We will be focusing on both history and geography skills throughout the topic and linking what we learnt to current global issues and how it effects the rights of a child. In our lessons, the children will begin to describe and compare features of different locations and understand how some aspects have changed over time. We will also discuss how people try to improve and keep environments and look in further detail into distribution of natural resources including energy, food, minerals and water.  




  • Each Monday and Thursday is PE, the children must bring the appropriate PE Kit in a labelled PE bag. This can be left in school for the half term if you prefer.  
  • Spellings will go home for the half term.  Spelling tests will be on a Friday. You will receive 6 weeks of spellings to practice, there is also opportunities for children to practice these in class at our spelling wall.  
  • Learning Logs will be sent home on a Friday to be returned the following Friday where children will share and peer mark their work.  There will be a cover sheet of learning choices for the half term so you and your child can choose what you would like to do each week.
  • Reading Records need to be written in each night and shown in class every morning along with reading books.
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