Welcome to Year 3D!





Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely summer break with your families. I am excited to get to know all the children and can't wait to see what amazing learning takes place over the coming year. Please see below to find out all of our topics for this term, any special dates and what we are learning in each subject.


Here's what we will be learning during this half term:




In Maths, we have started by looking at place value, we will be focusing on hundreds numbers up to 1000.  We will use diagrams and concrete resources to show different numbers and will be able to reason and problem solve using the skills we will learn.  We have already begun to use symbols and can recognise numbers depicted in pictures.  Once we are secure with place value we will move on to addition and subtraction and will ultimately use the column method to solve increasingly difficult calculations.



To start the year off we are doing a whole school writing task based on the film Inside Out. In year 3 we have already got started and have watched some clips of the film and discussed emotions relating to the characters.  We have used our own experiences and shared ideas to write some fantastic sentences which are already showing we are well on our way to hitting some year 3 targets.  We will focus on adjectives, conjunctions, similes and other descriptive writing features.  Handwriting and spelling are also a top priority so any practice you can do at home, alongside the work we will be doing in school would be fantastic.





In Autumn 1 our science topic is states of matter, we will look at solids, liquids and gasses and grouping substances or materials based on their state.  We will also look at changing states and how some changes can be reversible (ice can melt back into water) whilst some are irreversible for example a fried egg!  We will investigate how temperature can affect a substances state and see if we need to heat, cool or do something else to make the change.



Our topic this half term is Italy, we will be looking at where Italy is on a map and discovering its different regions.  We will look at land use, physical and human features and compare the famous Italian seaside destination of Capri to our very own Blackpool!





  • Each Monday and Thursday is PE, the children must bring the appropriate PE Kit in a labelled PE bag. This can be left in school for the half term if you prefer.  
  • Spellings will go home for the half term.  Spelling tests will be on a Friday with week one spellings being tested on Friday 13th September.  You will receive 6 weeks of spellings to practice, there is also opportunities for children to practice these in class at our spelling wall.  
  • Learning Logs will be sent home on a Friday to be returned the following Friday where children will share and peer mark their work.  There will be a cover sheet of learning choices for the half term so you and your child can choose what you would like to do each week.
  • Reading Records need to be written in each night and shown in class every morning along with reading books.
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