Year 4 - St Martin de Porres

Welcome to Year 4!

Class teacher: Mr Cooper.


Key Dates


PE: Tuesday

Swimming: Wednesday

Class Assembly: 4th November 2021


Autumn 1 2021


Welcome to Year 4! I hope you all had a lovely summer. We have a lot to look forward to this year, so I hope you are all well rested and raring to go. I am delighted to be your teacher again and I am excited to watch you all grow from Year 3 to Year 4.


Here is our class page where you will find useful information for this half term.


At the top of this page, I have attached this year’s topic overview and at the bottom you will find homework and spelling sheets along with some useful links to help you with your learning.



This half term, we will be reading “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. In this book, we will meet the creatures of Narnia through a magical doorway who we must help to defeat the Witch and free them all from her icy spell.


We will be developing our reading, writing, spellings and grammar skills with a focus on Story Writing set in Narnia. We will look at diary entries and letter writing which we will link to our Topic for the term, the Romans.



This half term, we will be looking at place value, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing and measuring length and perimeter. We will be using Base 10 which is a great method to assist you with your place values. We will also be using various equipment to measure different objects.






This half-term, our Topic will be the Romans. From Italy, they came to Britain nearly 2000 years ago. We will be learning about how the Romans came here, how they conquered and the impact they had on life in Britain. We will look in detail in relation to the Romanisation of Britain, such as Roman roads and Roman bath houses. We will find out about Boudicca, the Celtic Queen who was defeated by the Romans. We will also learn about the famous Hadrian’s Wall, investigating how, where, and why it was built. We will use maps to determine the location of the wall.




This half term, we will be learning about State and Matter. We will earn that all things are made up of matter and investigate the characteristics of solids, liquids, and gases. We will experiment with heating and cooling materials to analyse the changes. We will also measure the temperature at which these changes occur. We will end the unit with a focus on water, and how evaporation occurs.




During this term we will begin by looking at Jesus' family tree and understanding he had a human family just like ours. We will explore stories about some of his key family members including Abraham, Jacob and Joseph. After this, we will explore the Call of Samuel and David. We will end the term by developing our understanding of the season of Advent.




The day we will be having PE is a Tuesday. Children should come to school dressed in their full PE Kit (white t-shirt & blue shorts, trainers, jumper & tracksuit bottoms).




All Year 4 children will be swimming every Wednesday - children should come to school dressed in their school uniform on this day.

Clothing requirements for School Swimming are as follows:-



  • One-piece swimming costume – no bikinis*
  • A swimming hat is required to be worn if the hair covers the eyes or airways
  • A towel

* Please note that in order for your child to benefit from the swimming lessons appropriate aquatic clothing must be worn. Should your children wish to wear items of clothing that cover up parts of the body, there are specific aquatic clothing designed for this purpose. Cotton leggings are detrimental to teaching and are a risk to health and safety.



  • A pair of traditional swimming trunks
  • A swimming hat is required to be worn if the hair covers the eyes or airways
  • A towel 


No Bermuda or long shorts are allowed, as these can be dangerous - for reasons of safety the swimwear should be sufficiently tight fitting to allow the freedom of body and limb movement without causing unsafe water resistance.  


Jewellery of any description should not be worn in the School Swimming lesson.  It is important that earrings in particular are removed.


Goggles are only permitted for medical reasons.  Parents must produce a letter from either a Doctor or Optician to state that your child has a medical condition and is required to wear goggles in the school swimming lesson.


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