Welcome to Year 4S!

We hope that you and your families are well during this time and are trying to stay positive, despite these strange times! Hopefully, you have managed to get outside for your daily exercise and are making the most out of the sun shine! Stay safe and keep smiling, as you always do! I look forward to seeing all the fantastic things you have been up to and all the brilliant learning you have done during this time! We all miss you very much and cannot wait to see you all again!


Class teacher: Miss Shotton


Message for Parents/Carers


Thank you so much for all the effort you have put in with helping your children with their learning. we understand that it is a very difficult and testing time for everyone, so we really appreciate the work you are putting in in trying to keep the children learning at home. It is so important that the children remain some structure with their education and they are accessing the resources we have provided on Google Drive, Purple Mash, My Maths and the learning logs. We hope that the learning we have provided has been useful and has kept the children engaged and busy during this time -  you are all doing a great job! 

As we move into the Summer term, below are some links that you might find useful in helping children with their learning... 

This first link has daily lessons for Maths, English and a variety of History, Geography, Science and RE. Once on the website, you can start by clicking 'Start a Lesson' then select Year 4/P5. The lessons are dated and titled with the topic of learning. E.g. 23 April: English - Adding description and using adverbs and adverbial phrases. Each lesson has some videos to help teach the children and some activities for them to complete.

The second link also has daily lessons for Maths, English and a range of Foundation subjects. The lessons are taught in a sequence, so it is beneficial to begin on Mondays lessons, as the lessons may refer to previous learning from an earlier day. You can select 'Online classroom' then select 'Schedule' and then 'Year 4'. You then should see Monday to Friday, which are scheduled with 3 lessons per day. There are several teaching videos for each subject, followed by an activity to complete.


The final link is a Well-being menu - please find the document at the very bottom of this page under the 'Additional Resources' heading, along with the Summer learning logs. Our Physical and mental well-being is the most important thing at the moment so remember to look after yourselves and try to exercise every day if you can! There are a selection of links to Youtube and other websites that have some great activities you can try with the children to help with their well-being. The My Happy Minds website is also great to help support the children with meditation and enabling children to learn strategies to deal with daily life challenges.


We will update the web page as much as possible to share any new links or resources that may help you during this time. Stay safe, keep being positive and look after yourselves and your family.


Dates for the diary:

We will update this when school reopens.

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