Welcome to Year 5!


Welcome back Year 5! I hope you all had a lovely and restful Christmas and managed to spend some quality time with your families. We had a brilliant first term with some fantastic learning taking place and I look forward to seeing you progress this half term.


Below is an overview of what we will be doing in each of our lessons over the next half term and some of the objectives we will be covering. At the bottom of the page, I have put your new spellings and homework sheet for this half term.


Please note: PE is currently taught on a Wednesday and Friday.


Tuesday 5th January 2021

Hello, Year 5! As we can't all be together in class today, I have uploaded some activities for you to have a go at throughout the day. You could also log on to familiar websites such as TT Rockstars, Reading Eggs and Purple Mash which are full of activities to help you with your learning. From tomorrow, our learning will be on Seesaw and I will try to make the lessons as normal as possible. By using Seesaw, it will make it much easier for you to share the learning that you are doing at home and easier for me to respond and give feedback. Please remember Year 5 that this won't be forever and as long as you are trying your best then you are doing enough. If you have any problems then please email me at and I will try to answer any questions or solve any problems.

Timetable for remote learning 

All learning will be uploaded to Seesaw, following the timetable below.

Activity Monday Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday Friday 



Maths Maths Maths Maths Maths



English  English English English


3 Topic RE Science  PSHE

Topic (Week 1)

RE (Week 2)


Seesaw tips - how to use 


These videos can help to show you how to use the seesaw app, as well as the browser.


How to use the Seesaw app for students


How to use Seesaw in browsers for students


In our English lessons this half term, we will be recapping some of the grammar and punctuation targets we have already covered this year and embedded them into our writing, as well as working together to learn some new skills to put into practice. We will begin with a unit based on the short video clip 'The Lighthouse'. Throughout the unit, we will be working on all the skills needed to equip ourselves for writing a narrative at the end of the 3 week cycle. We will first be looking at some of our reading skills, mainly focussing on prediction, retrieval and inference skills. We will be annotating the setting to create a setting description using lots of alternative adjectives, as well as using lots of descriptive language to describe the main character in the story. Some of the objectives we will be recapping are using openers in a sentences and punctuating direct speech, before introducing brackets and how they can be used to add detail to your writing. Throughout the unit, we will be working on sequencing the story into 5 parts, ready for you to write your version of the narrative. 


For our Guided Reading sessions, we will be focusing on applying our growing knowledge of root words, prefixes and suffixes, both to read aloud and to understand the meaning of new words that we discover. We will also be reading further exception words, noting the unusual correspondences between spelling and sound, and where these occur in the word. An important focus of our sessions will be checking that the text makes sense and discussing our understanding and explaining the meaning of words in context. 


In Maths this half term, we are going to begin by focusing on recapping some Fractions objectives that may have been missed from Year 4, before moving onto our new Year 5 objectives. We will begin by looking at what a fraction is and how they can be used in a real life context, before moving onto recapping equivalent fractions and an easy way to calculate them. Further into the unit, we will begin looking at adding and subtracting fractions, fractions greater than 1 and how these can be converted, and easy ways of finding fractions of amounts. Throughout the unit, we will be recapping some key skills from previous learning, and practicing our reasoning and problem solving skills. 


Don't forget a really easy way to practice your times tables at home is by using TT rockstars. Knowing your times tables up to 12x12 helps with a lot of different units in Maths!


Our topic for this half term is 'The Vikings and Anglo-saxons'. We will mainly be focusing on our History objectives and recapping some of these from Year 4. We will begin with a timeline to familiarise ourselves with some of the key events that happened over this period of time. Following on from this, we will be learning about the lives of Vikings, how they lived, their jobs, Viking children, what they wore and lots more! As with all our Topic units, we will be linking our learning with the rights of children. We will be focusing on Article 28 (Every child has the right to an education), Article 32 (Children have the right to be protected from doing work that is dangerous) and Article 38 (Children have the right to be protected during war). During these lessons, we will be looking at how access to these rights have changed over time. Further into the half term, we will focus on some of the most famous invasions carried out by the Vikings, including the one that took place at Lindisfarne. We will also be spending some time researching the Viking way of life and how it compares to our lives today.


Our Science unit for this half term is 'Living things and their habitats'. We will begin the unit by investigating how plants reproduce, before moving on to look at the life cycle of mammals and finding comparisons between different mammals. Throughout the unit, we will be working scientifically and researching scientists that have made influential discoveries about living things. Towards the end of the unit, we will revisit what we have learnt about the life cycle of mammals and compare this to the life cycles of insects, plants and birds, looking for the similarities and differences we can write about.


We will begin our RE learning this term with the topic of 'Life choices'. In this unit, we will begin by looking at the ways in which we can follow in the footsteps of Jesus through our own actions and choices. We will explore ways in which we can make commitments to each other and will be giving thanks to the people who care for and look after us. Further into the half term, we will begin our Advent unit which will lead us up to Christmas.

Home Learning


You will be given a learning log at the start of the year with this half term's homework sheet at the front. You can then choose which activity you wish to complete each week from your homework sheet and we ask that this is completed in your learning log and brought back to school on a Monday morning. Our class will have chance to share your home learning with the rest of the class on Monday afternoons, before the books being handed back out on a Thursday.


Spelling lists will be given out half termly and the children will be tested on a Friday.

Year 5 Curriculum Overview

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