Welcome to the wonderful world of Year 5C!




Here's what we will be learning this summer term:




We will be tackling all areas of measurement and geometry. We will be drawing and measuring angles (using a protractor), solving area and perimeter problems, practising converting length, weight and capacity units and finally reflecting and translating shapes.  Phew!!

The children will be focusing on consolidating and building upon their previous mathematical knowledge. In class children will practicing their fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills. 


 It is vital that children know their times tables and practice their mental arithmetic.


Here are some more useful websites:


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Top Marks times tables


Top Marks multiplication-and-division



Here are some links to other games we have played in class


Multiplication grand prix


Sum Sense


Hit The Button


Help with rounding


Meteor Multiplication





This half term we will be looking at various non-chronological reports such as information texts, leaflets, brochures and newsletters. We will aiming to write our non-chronological report with the purpose providing information to tourists about our local area of Withington.  The  children will be building upon their reading skills, speaking and listening skills and developing their understanding and use of correct grammar and spelling. 






 In R.E  our topic is Witnesses and Pentecost: the children will be focusing on the importance of Pentecost and the coming of the Holy spirit. We will be discovering what it takes to be a witness and the importance of  being courageous and being one with God.

Key vocabulary we will be focusing on:  

witness, Holy Spirit, Witnesses, martyrs, courage, truth, inspiration, Good News



Key Questions we will be exploring throughout this topic:


Why does it sometimes need courage to be a witness? How do you know when to speak out? What is the holy spirit? How can the Holy Spirit work through us?






For our topic this term we will be conducting a local study and learning all about Manchester through the ages. During this topic, the children will use the poem ' This is the place' by Tony Walsh as a stimulus to look at all the exciting and fantastic things that have been produced in our city.  The children will use their researching skills to explore Manchester's key exports, look at how Manchester has influenced the world, how it has changed over time, the industrial revolution and they will research and present a talk about one of Manchester's famous landmarks. Throughout this topic, the children will be using their history, geography,  computing, art and DT skills.





  In Science we will be investigating animals including humans.  In this topic we will describing the changes as humans develop to old age. We will be explaining how babies grow and develop and presenting our data using bar charts and line graphs.  We will also be identifying the changes that take place in old age and busting some myths along the way!





  • This term PE is now on a Monday and Thursday. The children must bring the appropriate PE Kit in a labelled PE bag.
  • Forest School is on Wednesday and Bikeability will take place on Thurs 16th and Friday 17th May
  • Homework will go home on a Friday to be returned the following Tuesday.
  • Reading Records need to be written in and signed each night and shown in class every morning along with reading books.
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