Welcome to Year 6P!


Autumn 1

As we begin our first half term back at school, we wish to welcome all our new year 6's into their last year of Primary School. With lots of changes taking place over the past few months we are extremely excited to begin our new school year with positivity and enthusiasm. Year 6 is all about working hard and having lots of fun along the way. This half term the children will be learning lots of new things through a range of engaging topics and also consolidating and building up learning from last year.


Class Teacher:  Miss Percival:




In our English, we are going to be studying a book called ‘Somebody swallowed Stanley’ and a famous play by William Shakespeare called, ‘ Macbeth’. This is one of Shakespeare’s more famous plays and is the equivalent of a modern day horror! We will be studying the themes of this play and profiling the key characters. We will also be looking at the witches and studying their famous chant-including writing our own. Throughout these text studies we will be developing our SPaG and reading skills to develop writing a range of genres.

Text study-  We are going to be reading a class book which will be linked to aspects of our Guided Reading this term. The texts will be : Private Peaceful and The Eagle in the Snow.



This half term we will be studying Place Value and the four rules of number. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. We will have an arithmetic quiz once week which was similar to the quizzes you did in year 5. We will practice our times tables on TT Rockstars as this will help us with all other aspects of maths.

Here are some useful websites:



This half term we will be learning all about adaptation and evolution. We will be learning how to categorize living things by their characteristics; understanding what adaptive traits are and how animals and plants develop them and learning about Charles Darwin’s theory. We will be getting creative by making our own dinosaurs and we will become paleontologists and study fossils!



Our first topic of Year 6 will be all about love and our relationship with God.

Here are some of the key questions we will be considering:

  • How are relationships shown and developed in the chosen text or song?
  • What does unconditional love mean?
  • Who loves and cares for you?  How do they show love and care and why?
  • What do members of your family do for each other and why?
  • How do you show love to others?
  • Does anyone show you unconditional love?  
  • How have people inspired and influenced you to show unconditional love to others?

We will also be looking at the concept of family what this means. For Christians the pattern and ideal of family life is found in the Scriptures.  God is the loving parent of the human family and Jesus was born and lived in a human family.  While offering ideals for family life, it is important to acknowledge and respect the real experience of some children which is not ideal.



World at War – Natural Resources

In our Topic this term, we are going to be learning all about World War 1 – in this unit we will be discovering the main causes which led to the outbreak of war, locating the main countries involved and understanding trade and the natural resources which were used throughout he war.  Throughout our topics we will be developing our geographical skills and historical understanding. As well as this, we will also be designing and creating our own 3-D WW1 trenches and painting a WW1 silhouette picture.


PSHE and Mindfulness

Interweaved throughout all of our topics is the importance of self-care and reflection. In year 6, we use journals to write down our thoughts, feelings and emotions which is key to regulating how we are throughout our busy school day. Additionally, we use My Happy Minds, meditation tools and yoga to help us understand our mind and bodies and use them as tools to be happy and calm!


Dates for your Diary


We will update when school reopens.


Homework-  Learning logs and spellings will be given out on a Thursday and brought in to school, after completion, on a Monday where we will have a class walk around to praise and share the good work completed at home. 

These books will be given back the following Thursday to be taken home to complete.


Reading- Reading books will be chosen from our accelerated reader scheme and will also go home on a Thursday and brought in on a Monday. If the book has not been completed in this time then the book can be kept at home until the following Monday to bring in then. The children will take their online quizzes and choose a new book to take home on the Thursday. 

Homework Learning log

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