Welcome to Nursery!


Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed your half-term break. The children have settled into Nursery well and are enjoying learning lots of new things. We are going to have lots of fun this year as we love, we learn and we grow together.


Please find below information on our upcoming topics, what we will be learning in each area and any special dates and reminders.

Your teachers this year are: 

Miss Frankland and Miss Kozij  


Dates for the Diary

Welly Walk

1st November 2018 1-2pm


Parents Maths Workshop

9th November 2018


Parent/Carer Meetings

13th & 14th November 2018


EYFS Nativity

13th December 2018 9:30am

14th December 2018 2:15pm


EYFS & KS1 Christmas Dinner & Party Day

17th December 2018


School closes Thursday 20th December 2018

Re-opens Monday 7th January 2019







Childrens reading books are changed each Wednesday


Could you please ensure that your child has a labelled water bottle, labelled wellies and a waterproof coat available in school at all time.





The children are really enjoying this story 'Room on the Broom' this week. We have been making our own magic potions and have been using our imaginations to think of what our potions could turn into! Next week we will be exploring bonfire night and will be receiving a letter off Humphrey the hedgehog to tell us all about it! We will then move on to our topic of 'Space' where we will begin to explore our solar system.




Over the next few weeks in maths we will be practising counting to 10 using props and lots of fun songs and rhymes to help us. We will also begin learning our numerals and have lots of fun searching for numerals in our environment as well as lots of exiting matching games where the children can match the right amount of objects to the numerals!

We will also be leaning to name simple shapes - the children love to sing a long to the shape song which helps us practise shape names!



Welcome to the Space!


Over the coming weeks our role play area will transform into a rocket! We have noticed that whilst in provision the children have loved building rockets and making launch pads using our construction area so we have decided to bring this to life! In this area the children can have the opportunity to explore the roles and occupations that are involved with rockets and space - they could be an Astronaut ready to land on the Moon, or they could be on the walkie-talkie to the Astronaut telling them where they need to go! This will be a fantastic opportunity for the children to build new friendships, build confidence and exploring new vocabulary! Pictures to follow!


  Brush Bus!


The children are really enjoying brushing their teeth along to the brush bus song after they come in from lunch time play!



Help at Home


 Reading books are changed once weekly.  Your child will be given a reading book to take home to share with you for the week. You can read it together, talk about the pictures and what is happening or what might happen next. As they become familiar with the story, you can ask them what they remember about the story and also encourage them to talk about ad sequence the story - the beginning, middle and end etc.




Bookstart is a nationald programme designed to support parents reading with their children. Research shows that children who recieve bookstart packs are far more likely to regard reading as one of their favourite activities!


The packs are filled with free books and useful guidance materials which are available for different ages and stages of development!


For more information about Bookstart and the different packs available please visit the Bookstart website or alternatively click on the following link -


You can also find usefull tips and activity ideas to help with your childs development on the 'Learn With Me' page by following this link  - 


 Number and Shape  


You can practice counting with your child - anything can be counted! Stairs, cars, items of shopping etc! 


Encourage them to look out for shapes in their environment - road signs, windows, plates etc!


Talk to your child about the size of different things - encourage them to use words like tall, short, taller, shorter, big and small etc!




 Your child is working hard at school to develop the muscles in their hands to enable them to learn to write - activities include using and manipulating playdough, learning to use scissors with one hand, using pencils, felt tips and other mark making materials.


You can support your child by encouraging these sorts of activities at home!


 Also by encouraging the children to talk about the marks they have made - even if it looks like nothing more than a squiggle - There may be a story behind these marks!


Look out for and encourage your child to recognise signs and print in the environment - they are learning that writing serves a purpose and carries meaning! (This could be anything! - shopping lists, food labels, road signs, etc


The EYFS Curriculum


Our curriculum is unique. The 'Early Years Foundation Stage' curriculum enables children to develop the skills needed to become happy, successful and life-long learners.


The children access the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum through a mixture of adult directed and child initiated activities which are available both inside and outside the classroom so please ensure that child is equipped for the weather each day!


We plan for and adapt our teaching to meet the changing needs and interests of the children that we observe daily and welcome you to let us know if there is something at home that your child has expressed a particular interest in!


Please feel free to approach us with any ideas, expertise and/or resources you would like to share!   


Useful Websites to support your child's Learning

Here are some links to some of the favourite learning songs the children love on youtube!

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