Catholic Life and Mission


Jesus is at the centre of our lives and daily practice. We celebrate the diversity of our community and the unique aspects of all of our family. Our Mission Statement is evident through all that we do and say. 


Gospel Values and Catholic Virtues are understood and evidenced in policies and procedures of the school. Scripture is read and analysed through Lectio Divina during Collective Worship sessions and is child-led prayer and liturgy. Children want to prepare for their peers and give them the time for unique experiences in their relationship with the Lord. This impacts significantly on learning and the life of the school.


In lessons and around school pupils are courteous and considerate using manners and respect for all who they meet. Children at St Cuthbert's tell us they value the adults who work with them in school and come to school wanting to learn. They feel safe because they know that adults will keep them safe in school. Pupils know about different forms of bullying and are aware of a range of prejudices. They agree that bullying is rare since new behaviour-management systems and lunch time activities were introduced in conjunction with their views. Our Learning Powers that have developed over the last year have made a significant impact on pupils learning and development and each ‘power’ has been closely linked to a Bible story to bring its core back to our living faith. Children are taught these in our weekly assemblies.


We “feel the presence of Christ’s love in the warmth of our welcome as we open our doors, our hearts and our minds to serve, strengthen and encourage all “ who visit or work with our school and Parish community. Everybody is treated with dignity and we reach out with ‘open hands’ as we live our Mission daily.  This can be witnessed in the joy around the school and the respect adults and children show to each other


Our Inclusion practice is evidence that the explicitly Christ centred ethos is loving, creative, compassionate, highly positive and fosters a high level of understanding, empathy, forgiveness and respect for all. Parents have been fully supportive and included in decision making. The outcomes of this have been highly successful resulting in the children achieving well academically, socially and emotionally.

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