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Spring 1


Key dates 

P.E days - Wednesday (outside) and Thursday (inside)




We're into the summer term already - let's hope we get plenty of sunshiiiiine to enjoy!

On our class page you will be able to find information about this half term's learning.

At the bottom of this page I have attached this years topic overview, homework and spelling sheets.







For English this half term, we are going to be covering a number of English skills whilst studying some different texts and genres. We will be comparing the alternative story of the three little pigs (as told from the point of view of the wolf) with the original. We will build upon our reading skills; spellings, punctuation and grammar skills; and  deepening our understanding of language and how to use it for a desired outcome on an audience! We will be writing our own alternative ending and also a newspaper report..





In Maths this half term, we will be learning about shape, space and measure. 

First, we will be learning all about the different types of angles and how to measure them using a protractor. we will then move onto exploring 3d shapes and distinguishing between regular and irregular polygons. As we go through the summer term we will also investigate different metric and imperial measures and calculate the area and perimeter of shapes.


Don't forget a really easy way to practice your times tables at home is by using TT Rockstars. Knowing your times tables up to 12x12 helps with a lot of different units in Maths!


Here are some useful websites:




Ancient Greece

In our Topic this term, we are going to be learning all about the Ancient Greeks and how they impacted the world today! We will begin by understanding who the Ancient Greeks were, when they were around and explain how the geography of Greece has changed over time. We will then explore the Ancient Greeks role in developing modern democracy and investigate the importance of Greek pottery and the influence that the Olympics have had on modern sports.






Our Science topic for this half term is Living things and their habitats.  The topic will begin by exploring what something needs to be classed as living. We will also be identifying the characteristics of different types of animals to help classify them and drawing our own keys. We will be describing and investigating helpful and harmful micro-organisms.




Our Topic in RE for Summer 1 is Serving: Pentecost - Witnesses.  The topic will begin by looking at the story of the Pentecost and investigate the importance of courage and how it can be used in faith. We will also research saints who have suffered and learn about how Stephen was a witness.


Some key questions:

Why do you sometimes need courage to be a witness?

How do you know when to speak out?

PSHE and Mindfulness


PSHE and Mindfulness

Interweaved throughout all of our topics is the importance of self-care and reflection. At home we encourage you  to use a  journal to write down our thoughts, feelings and emotions which is key to regulating how we are throughout each day like we do in class. Additionally, we will post some online meditation and yoga you can practice at home.



Homework can be accessed via Seesaw or using Learning Logs. Children will receive their homework sheet half termly in their learning logs and it will also be uploaded to Seesaw. Each week, children can choose one of the activities to complete to hand in on a Friday, either via Seesaw or by bringing in their learning log. Each Friday, we will celebrate home learning by spending some time peer marking each others learning. The activities on the homework grid will be a range of Maths, English, Topic, Science , RE and PSHE. 


In addition to this, children can access further home learning on MyMaths, TT Rockstars and Reading Eggs.


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