Welcome to Nursery!

Your teachers this year are Miss Frankland and Mrs Lydon


     We hope everybody is safe and well and we cannot wait to welcome all of our nursery children into class on Tuesday 7th September! We hope you have enjoyed a safe and restful summer!


Key Dates:

18th and 19th October - parent meetings

22nd October  - school closes for half term

1st November  - school re-opens

10th December  - EYFS nativity

17th December - school closes for the end of term.

4th January - school re-opens



Message for parents/carers


Parents as Partners


One week each term your child will bring home a 'In The Moment Planning'  sheet which provides us with a wonderful opportunity to hear from you as parents/carers and share in the achievements and interests of your child outside of school. So far the children have loved talking about the photos and home learning you have shared with us and enables us to create a home from home environment which tailors individual learning experiences to further ensure your child has the best experience at school! 


Reading Books and home learning logs


Reading books are changed once weekly. These will be given out each WEDNESDAY and need to be returned the following MONDAY can read it together, talk about the pictures and what is happening or what might happen next. As they become familiar with the story, you can ask them what they remember about the story and also encourage them to talk about and sequence the story - the beginning, middle and end etc.

Your child will also bring home a home learning book which will contain several activities that they can choose from to complete. The expectation is that one activity is completed per week until the end of each half term when a new set of activities are sent home. Each week as a class we will share our home learning and each child will have the chance celebrate their hard work and achievements with their peers! 


Our main topic for our first half term will be 

All About Me!


As part of this topic we will be focusing on the following key texts...









Our Learning

As we settle into our new routine we will be sharing lots of different stories, songs and rhymes together as a group and in smaller groups as we build relationships and learn about each other. We will be learning lots about our similarities and differences, and the things that are special to each of us! 


We will be enjoying lots of turn taking games and activities as we build new friendships!


We will learn and practise new independent skills such as putting on our own coat, using the bathroom and accessing resources in and around the classroom!




Blast from the past!... Good luck to our reception children!


Personal, Social and Emotional....Settling in, becoming confident and making friends



We have played lots of games in small groups as we made new friends and learn how to share and take turns! 



We were so excited to eat our lunch in the hall for the first time!




We had great fun exploring our outdoor learning area where we learn how to skillfully move in a variety of ways and how manage risks for ourselves! We have also been developing our independence by putting on our own coats and will soon be learning to tackle to zippers/buttons!























                                                                                .Help at Home


Please find below lots of useful websites and links to great resources that can be used to support your child's learning at home!


Government support for home learning for children aged 0-5 years.





Here is a list of websites/ apps and youtube videos that we love and will help with our learning at home!



Phonics websites


Phonics apps


Jolly Phonics Lessons


Meet the alphablocks


Read with phonics games


First words sampler


Teach your monster to read


Phonics YouTube Videos 


ABC song


Tricky words songs phase 2



Letter names and sound song




Jack Hartman


Geraldine the Giraffe


Maths websites


Maths Apps


Kids counting


Maths Tree


Bugs and Numbers


Busy things


Maths ages 3-5


Maths YouTube videos


Jack Hartman



2D shape song








El Nombre for number formation




Meet Bobby Bear



Bobby Bear is our new UNICEF nursery Mascot! Bobby will be used during some of our group activities to discuss feelings, news times and other activities. Every Friday a child will get the chance to take Bobby home. The bear will come with a story book, a tooth brush and his bear book for you to fill in with your child. The idea of taking Bobby home is for your child to take the bear along with on things they like to do at the weekend, and then be able to share an aspect of their life with their friends by looking at their time with Bobby. The bear book could include some photos and/or comments about what they have done at the weekend, so that we can share this experience with them the following Monday.


Our celebration wall has been a great success! The children have loved sharing and celebrating their achievements at home with the class and all of their friends! Thank you for your continued support!




Bookstart is a nationald programme designed to support parents reading with their children. Research shows that children who recieve bookstart packs are far more likely to regard reading as one of their favourite activities!


The packs are filled with free books and useful guidance materials which are available for different ages and stages of development!


For more information about Bookstart and the different packs available please visit the Bookstart website or alternatively click on the following link -


You can also find usefull tips and activity ideas to help with your childs development on the 'Learn With Me' page by following this link  - 


 Number and Shape  


You can practice counting with your child - anything can be counted! Stairs, cars, items of shopping etc! 


Encourage them to look out for shapes in their environment - road signs, windows, plates etc!


Talk to your child about the size of different things - encourage them to use words like tall, short, taller, shorter, big and small etc!




 Your child is working hard at school to develop the muscles in their hands to enable them to learn to write - activities include using and manipulating playdough, learning to use scissors with one hand, using pencils, felt tips and other mark making materials.


You can support your child by encouraging these sorts of activities at home!


 Also by encouraging the children to talk about the marks they have made - even if it looks like nothing more than a squiggle - There may be a story behind these marks!


Look out for and encourage your child to recognise signs and print in the environment - they are learning that writing serves a purpose and carries meaning! (This could be anything! - shopping lists, food labels, road signs, etc


The EYFS Curriculum


Our curriculum is unique. The 'Early Years Foundation Stage' curriculum enables children to develop the skills needed to become happy, successful and life-long learners.


The children access the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum through a mixture of adult directed and child initiated activities which are available both inside and outside the classroom so please ensure that child is equipped for the weather each day!


We plan for and adapt our teaching to meet the changing needs and interests of the children that we observe daily and welcome you to let us know if there is something at home that your child has expressed a particular interest in!


Please feel free to approach us with any ideas, expertise and/or resources you would like to share!   


Useful Websites to support your child's Learning

Here are some links to some of the favourite learning songs the children love on youtube!

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