Reception New Starters 2020

Welcome to all our new reception children starting in September 2020. 

My name is Mrs Smith and I will be your teacher.  I am really excited to start learning and having fun together.


I hope you all enjoyed your visits into school over the past few weeks, it was lovely to see so many of you.

Over the next few weeks I will be up dating our website page ready for all our adventures including a video message, ideas of things to do over the summer to get ready for reception and information about our first topic.


Below you can see a video tour of the EYFS department including our classroom.  See if you an find somewhere you would like to play.  There is also a useful PowerPoint with key information about starting school and a leaflet with some ideas to support the transition process to school.


Goodbye Reception!


It was lovely to see so many of you this week.  We have missed all of you so much! We know you are all going to love Year 1 and we hope you all have a fantastic summer with your families. Use the links below to see a little goodbye message from your teachers. 


See you all soon

Mrs Smith:

Miss Kozji: 




We have updated the topic section on this web page with ideas and links to help support home learning based on our new topic 'Where We Live'.  Additional activities suitable for reception pupils can be found on the Google Drive.  These include support packs covering a range of our curriculum areas.  We are also continuing to add a weekly learning log to the Google Drive and the documents section of this webpage (please scroll to the bottom of the web page).


We hope you are all enjoying the new Reception Weekly Learning Logs with lots of exciting activities, recorded story times and phonics sessions with Mrs Smith! 





Class Information

Your teachers are Mrs Smith and Miss Kozij 

Your teaching assistant is Miss Dawson


Mrs Smith's class name is London 1

Miss Kozij's class name is London 2





Please can I remind all parents that trainers are not school uniform and must not be worn to school. For full details on appropriate school uniform please see the policy section of the website.



PE is Wednesday 

Information from school uniform policy:

PE Kit: All children except for those in the Nursery MUST have a PE Kit in school with them.

Girls and Boys



White polo shirt

Navy Sweatshirt or cardigan

Navy PE Shorts or Navy or black Jogging trousers

Pumps or trainers

White polo shirt

Navy Sweatshirt or cardigan

Navy PE Shorts

Pumps or trainers


PE kits can be left on pupil's pegs for the 1/2 term and will be sent home for washing before the holidays.



Outdoor Learning

We are all really enjoying exploring our wonderful new outdoor learning space.  For information about clothing requirements such as waterproofs and wellies, please see the attached leaflet at the bottom of this page.




Our Learning


Amazing animals!

We had lots of fun using the instruments to make noises to match all the different animals!




We had lots of fun exploring colours by mixing them together in the outdoor area!


Mark making!

We had lots of fun mark making in our outdoor area!



We have had lots of fun using the wooden blocks to build and construct!


Summer Term

Home Learning


For weekly learning log challenges and support documents to help with home learning please see the bottom of this page or visit the Reception Google Drive where there are lots more resources and activities too.

Our main topic for Summer 2 is...

  'Where we live'


We will be looking at our planet and how we can help to take care of it, our local area and community and our homes and families.  We are really looking forward to seeing your amazing learning at home.


Here are some great stories that link to our topic and some ideas for learning you could do at home.


Our Planet



Things to find out about and discuss


  • What do you know about our planet?
  • What other planets are in our solar system?
  • How can we help take care of our planet?




Help your grown ups with your recycling at home.


Use junk to create something new.


Make a poster to tell others about how to help look after our planet.


Use papier mache and make your own earth or maybe a new planet all of your own!




Our Local Area and Communities




Things to find out about and discuss

  •  Where do you live on Earth?  What is the country and city called?
  • What do you know about Manchester? 
  • What is it like to live here?  What do you like about where you live?
  • Talk to grown ups in your family about how your local area has changed over time?
  •  Is everyone the same where you live?
  • How are you special and different?



Go for a walk around your local area.  Use your senses to explore.  What did you see?  What did you hear? What do you like, dislike?  Can you spot old buildings and new buildings?

You could even make a telescope to look through on your walk or some big listening ears to help you!



 Look at a map of your local area.  Can you fund where your house is?  Can you spot any other landmarks like a park or our school?  Have a go at drawing your own map.  This could be how you get to the park or shops or a map of your house.


 How can you be kind and caring within your community?  Try to think of a good deed you could do.   This could be in the community, to a friend or someone in your family.


Our Families



Who is in your family?  Can you create a family tree? 



Draw a picture of who lives in your house.

Can you write a sentence to say how are they special to you?


Songs to support the topic:

Nick Cope: Plastic Bag


Nick Cope: The Polar Bear and The Honey Bee


British Learning Council: One Small World


British Learning Council: Do Your Best


Jack Hartmann: We are Family


Pre School: Solar System Song


Miss Linky: Save the Planet Earth Song


Look out for our weekly learning logs to see lots more activities to do at home and remember to send us some photos of your wonderful learning. 




In literacy, please continue to practise your phase 3 sounds and if you are now feeling confident with these try some of the phase 4 activities in your home learning pack or on the Google drive.  Keep practising segmenting and blending with a focus on reading and writing short captions and simple sentences. As well as your sounds, make sure you keep practise reading and spelling your tricky words.


From Monday 27th April, Letters and Sounds (the phonics programme we follow at St Cuthberts) is providing daily online phonics lessons

For full detail please see the leaflet in the documents section at the bottom of this page.


  • Daily writing practise - please encourage your child to attempt a phase 3 phonics caption each day, for example – “We had fish and chips for dinner.” (see phase 3 captions previously sent home or on the Google Drive for examples of these). Encourage your child to write this as independently as they can - prompt them to refer to sound-mats and to our steps to success to ensure they use different features in their sentence (e.g. finger spaces, full stops, capital letters etc). 
  • Daily reading practise - please continue to engage with daily reading with your child, continue to read over the phonics words, captions and sentence strips for phase 2 and 3 that we have sent home previously.  There are also lots of free online books at that are phonically decodable for reception children.

Why not have a go at making up your own superhero story using the TalesToolKit resources in your home learning pack.  Mums and Dads can now access Tales Toolkit resouces online in their family area at  See the guidance document on how to register at the bottom of this page.  



In Maths, keep practising recognising your numerals and counting forwards and backwards within 20 and beyond. Can you start to recall 1 more or 1 less than a given number?  Try recording your own number sentences using the symbols for addition (+) and subtraction (-).  How will you solve the calculation?  Can you use counting on or counting back?  Use your number line in your home learning pack to help you.  When we were last all together, we had just started to look at sharing out a set.  We had tried halving numbers (sharing them between 2) and had introduced the terms odd and even numbers.  Can you try halving some numbers?  Is it an odd or an even number?  



Here is a list of websites/ apps and YouTube videos that we love and will help with our learning at home as well as school...


Government support for home learning for children aged 0-5 years.


Phonics websites


Mr Mc is doing fun and interactive daily phonics lessons for children age 4-5. He focuses on new digraphs and has lots of different ways to revisit already learnt sounds.


Phonics apps


Jolly Phonics Lessons


Meet the alphablocks


Read with phonics games


First words sampler


Teach your monster to read


Phonics YouTube Videos 


Tricky words songs phase 2, 3 and 4


Letter names and sound song




Jack Hartman


Geraldine the Giraffe


Maths websites


Maths Apps


Kids counting


Maths Tree


Bugs and Numbers


Busy things


Maths ages 3-5


Maths YouTube videos


Jack Hartman


Monkey floss counting backwards from 20


2D shape song


3D shape song






Counting by 10s


Counting by 5s


El Nombre for number formation


Money song


We hope to see you all again really soon and remember to share your amazing home learning with us by sending some photos to


Some of your amazing home learning


Mastering new skills.


Using the Tales Toolkit format to create stories.



Lots of fun with practical maths.



Here is a sneaky peek at our topics...


Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1

Marvellous Me and Amazing Animals

Winter Wonderland

Once Upon a Time


Looking at how I have changed

People who are special to me

People who help us 

Learning about what I am good at

Introduction to the curriculum

Our friends and the disciples


Animals non fiction


exploring changes around us

 Woodland animals


Autumn Sponsored Scavenger Hunt







Bonfire Night

Hibernation - Hedgehogs

The Snowman

The Nativity

3D models

Story telling




exploring changes around us

Anti-bulling Week


Nativity story and Christmas






Fairy tales/ traditional tales

Den making





People in History Day

Safer Internet Day

Chinese New Year



















Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Lets grow! To The Rescue!

 Where We Live

Jack and the beanstalk

The Little Red Hen


Planting and growing

Observational drawing


(World Book Day, Mother's Day, St Patrick's Day)


exploring changes around us



Maths Day

Look at Our Learning sessions

Super heroes


Nat Fantastic

Real life heroes - our community


 St George's Day

Science Day

Pentecost Birthday Party

Celebrating Difference Day

Reception Assembly

Sponsored  Rainbow Welly Walk




How has Manchester changed - 

objects/ photos from the past

Junk modelling


Papier mache globes.



exploring changes around us


Sports Week

trip - Pizza Express, walk around our local area.


Our curriculum is unique. The 'Early Years Foundation Stage' Curriculum enables children to develop the skills needed to become happy, successful and life long learners. Click the link to find out more about the Early Years Curriculum- Early Years Development Matters Document see below


The children access the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum through a mixture of adult directed and child initiated activities. Our activities are completed in both our inside and outside classroom so please ensure your child is is equipped for the weather each day! 


We plan in line with the children's observed interests and welcome you to let us know if there is something at home that your child has expressed a particular interest in.


Please feel free to approach us with any ideas, expertise and/or resources you would like to share!

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