Head and Deputy Boys and Girls


We have selected Grace, David, Lilly and Matthew to help the staff lead the school. They help in assemblies, welcome visitors to our school and bring actions they want to implement to staff e.g parking outside the school.


Happy to be leading our school community

Learning Council

The Learning Council has been set up this year to support the children in making judgement about what good teaching and learning looks like. They have said what lessons they like and why they like them. 

'I like lessons that are fun and exciting like in Science when we do experiments'



'I like using my imagination with exciting video clips so that I can be creative in my writing.'



'I like pushing myself in my learning to do my best.'


Growing In Faith Together (G.I.F.T) Team

The role of the GIFT team is work together to help all pupils across the school to support each other through our mission statement: we love, we learn, we grow. They deliver Collective Worship to classes and in assemblies. They also offer the chapel as a private space to ensure pupils get the help they need and they feel they are supported by other pupils as well as staff.



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