Curriculum Policy and Vision

As part of our aim to establish strong links between school, parents and pupils, this section includes information about the curriculum we teach at St. Cuthbert’s.


To all our pupils,


Every day at St Cuthbert’s, the staff and governors are working to make sure that by the time you leave us:

  • You will embrace each other’s differences and show kindness and forgiveness to those around you, journeying towards a shared understanding of God’s love for one another.
  • You will understand how unique you are, believe in yourself and have confidence in your abilities.
  • You will have experienced learning in many creative forms, though music and art, science, drama and debating. Through using the outdoors and practical activities, making extensive use of our school grounds, local area and beyond.
  • You will feel a part of your community and be proud of your school.
  • You will understand the shared responsibility we have to look after God’s World and encourage others to do so.
  • You will know the importance of making mistakes and spend your time learning and achieving from them.
  • You will know what it feels like to succeed and have achieved your very best
  • You will love learning new things and want to keep learning more by being inquisitive and asking questions.
  • You will know and understand friendship and have learned how to get along.



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